Cellular polypropylene

Cellular polypropylene, commonly known as plastic cardboard, is an excellent material to make boxes, cell containers, separators and an infinity of solutions for the transport of components thanks to the numerous and valuable properties that it has.

Durability, strength, lightness and versatility are just some of its features.

We are specialists in the design and manipulation of this material, and we incorporate into its design and manufacture different types of materials such as foams, synthetic fabrics and dividers made of the same material in order to obtain the perfect solution to transport or manipulate our customers’ pieces.

We have an extensive experience in the manufacturing of boxes made of plastic cardboard and of any size, and we provide them with the necessary elements to be easily transported and to have a correct and efficient storage and durability, such as handles, outlines and corner pieces that are injected by us in order to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Their thickness goes from 2 mm to 13 mm and they are available in different colours. We also offer to print on them our customer’s logotype with permanent ink or to insert temporary labels or identification cards.



Design and manufacture of a large cell container made of cellular polypropylene. The customer obtains a product of great resistance, durability and lightness to store and transport their pieces.



Design, presentation and manufacture of boxes with the size that was required by the customer. They are perfectly stackable and have the characteristics of cellular polypropylene, the material it is made of. We are experts in this field.


Display case/container

Design and manufacture of a display case/container made of cellular polypropylene.



In this case our customer asked us for a more rigid material to transport their pieces in our plastic cardboard boxes. We chose a combination of PVCs to meet their specifications.



Images of various prototypes designed and manufactured for a customer who requested interior dividers for their boxes, as well as protection against dirt and numbered compartments.


Large container

Large container adapted to a two-sided rack with the number of its different compartments written on a rigid base. We always follow the dimensional specifications that the client requests us.



Various images that show some boxes manufactured in different sizes and colours as an example.