We are experts in machining rack bars in different plastic materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc. in order to protect the different components during transportation.

We also mechanize all types of pieces requested by the customer with the utmost precision and reliability.

The versatility of our machines allows us to adapt to all types of projects by offering a highly competitive product in quality, cost and execution speed.



We are specialists in the manufacture of 3 and 5 axis machined bars. We manufacture both prototypes and series of pieces conforming to the dimensions required by the customer. Machining is one of our strengths, by quality, price, and responsiveness.



Examples of different pieces machined by us.



Machining and assembling of all the pieces from both sets that will be part of the air suction system of a machine.



Examples of some of the dowels we manufacture.



Images of some machining projects that were made at Cevaplàstics.