Polyethylene foams

The machined products made of polyethylene foam have become a product that our clients employ frequently to protect their pieces.

Through the machining in three and five axis of these foams, bars and moulds we achieve a perfect fit for the pieces, preventing their movement and consequent damage.

Using this material, which is extremely light and non-aggressive, allows us to combine it with plastic cardboard boxes, cell containers, etc. This way, we offer fantastic solutions for our customers in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Polyethylene foam

A solution to transport and store pieces using three of our products. The box and the bar are made of polyethylene of different colours. A foam base intended to accommodate a piece with a more delicate surface, machined and adapted to the space of a box that was custom-made and made of cellular polypropylene (plastic cardboard), which is perfectly stackable. This is an integral solution that is greatly accepted and that combines lightness and resistance.


Foam machining

Example of the machining of polyethylene foam in 5 axis. Lightweight material that is perfect as a support for delicate components (glass, mirrors, etc.)


Polyethylene packaging

Packaging designed using a cellular polypropylene box with straight lines and a base of polyethylene foam with a mechanized mould.