Stamping and injection

We carry out the whole process of manufacturing and designing plastic injection moulds.

There is a wide variety of thermoplastic materials such as PE, PA, PP, PU, PVC, etc.

Injection of pieces with different metal inserts or combined with plastics of greater hardness.

Recyclable materials.

We use plastics with a great resistance to climatology, UV, as well as the possibility of incorporating materials of high thermal resistance.

We have accurate machined prototypes that are prior to the injection and used to check the product.



Covers injected to line a container that will be used to transport fuel tanks. Image of the final result. The design and manufacture of these covers replaced the original platens, which resulted in significant savings in production and assembly costs.



Design and production of a tray through the machining of its base and the injection of the ferrules assembled in it, which in turn results in important savings in production costs and its consequent viability of the project.


Card holder

One of our most requested products is this card holder that is made to carry documents in containers.



Injection of “sapines” made of TPEE that are made to hold components.


Transport tray

Presentation of the product, machining of prototypes and injection of plastic pieces meant for the transport of various pieces.



Design of bars injected in different plastic materials, according to the specifications and needs of our client. Insertion of metallic U.


Example of an injection project

Images of different injected pieces.



Design, presentation of the product, machining of the prototype and injection of the piece shown. One of our last approved projects.